Varicose veins

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What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are a condition that is very common. Varicose veins are more common with women than with men. We speak about varicose veins when the legs are showing clearly visible blue, thickened and often-tortuous arteries. The blood from the legs must flow back through the veins to the heart. In order to avoid that the blood does not flow back, the veins contain valves. For various reasons the valves may leak into a vein. This could be the result of too much pressure on the valves, because the blood vessels become too wide, or because the valves do not close properly. If the valves leak, the pressure under the valves in the vein becomes greater. The higher the pressure, the more wide the blood vessel becomes, so more valves will fail. Over time, the effects are visible as varicose veins. If you have complaints on the legs* and varicose veins, then it is important to have your legs examined by a vascular surgeon; the risk of phlebitis, thrombosis or an open leg increases through varicose veins when time passes by. If treatment of varicose veins is necessary, you should usually wear compression stockings after treatment. Often, the stocking should be worn for a week and usually day and night for the first two days.

Varicose veins and compression stockings

Compression stockings, which are available in various pressure classes, colors and sizes, stimulate the backflow of blood in the legs to the heart and reduce the symptoms * and varicose veins, because they bring the enlarged blood vessels back to a “normal” size.

The use of a compression stocking after an EVLT treatment is recommended to reduce the post-operative pain and bruising and to improve the quality of life.
* These may be problems such as painful, heavy feeling legs, dilated veins, or more serious problems, such as changes in skin color, rash on the legs, swelling, skin infections and ulcers.[/blox_text][blox_woo type=”recent_products” per_page=”12″ columns=”4″ orderby=”0″ skin=”default”][/blox_column][/blox_row]