About us


STOX came into existence because of dissatisfaction about the quality, durability and affordability of the current availability of medical compression stockings.


Therefore STOX has only one mission: making affordable high quality medical compression stockings with a major focus on customer satisfaction. They have achieved this by taking smaller margins; always use the newest, innovative materials for its products and putting customers at the core of their business.


Despite our affordable products, we guarantee the highest quality. STOX medical compression stockings are made of only the most innovative and high quality materials. These are, among others, COOLMAX® and LYCRA®. COOLMAX® represents moisture wicking fabrics that are more breathable than natural fibers, like cotton. Additionally, it provides great resistance to wrinkling, shrinking and fading. LYCRA® is composed of polyurethane, and is used as a synthetic rubber, of which the elongation is the largest in all textile materials. In addition, we use a higher content of microfiber than our competitors, allowing us to guarantee the softest materials Här kan du kontrollera.